Friday, May 21, 2010

Eye Spy

Well, modern medicine is a wonderful thing. I noticed over the past year that my right eye's vision was getting worse and worse. I went to the Doctor to find out that I had a cataract. Long story short, I had the surgery, and now I have 20/20 vision. The black eye is fading and it is like a new world was given to me. I cannot believe how clear the world is meant to be seen! So if you know someone who is thinking about having the surgery...tell them to DO it!

Back to business!
The B&B was featured in several stories for the Beer Special we are running now thought October. And The Boston Globe may run a story about Vine Time. Things are moving along. We remain very highly rated thanks to our wonderful guest comments. Today I put together all the hanging flower baskets, and will finish them tomorrow morning. Greenland Family Farms is a terrific place where you can buy all things for the garden, including the new "dirty Dozen" koi goldfish for the fish pond. A mockingbird has nested off the front porch...I hope it doesn't expect breakfast! The Long Island Wine & Food Festival is coming fast...looking forward to that. we are sold out that weekend. I emailed our to all area B&Bs to get their participation. Its a win win (or a wine wine lol) situation. It should bring a great deal of exposure to the wine region...and that is always good. Joe has re-opened Vine Wine Bar, and I have heard a rumor (a strong one) that The Fifth Season will be opening a 2nd location at their original restaurant...right here in Greenport. That will be great, but I have not yet confirmed it. Guests from here until mid-June without a we go...the high season...It's what we all want. This has been a banner year so far, and on our tenth anniversary no less!

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