Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yes Dukan!

So I am into the second week of the Dukan Diet. I was skeptical, but read all the blogs, forums, and the book by Pierre Dukan. The diet is 4 phases, and designed to change your eating habits. I needed to do this diet. Its funny...for all the elaborate and rich breakfasts I create for the guests, that was not my fat downfall. My problem was my own personal trilogy of terror...bread, cheese and wine. Those three things are a staple to me...hey, I'm French. It's in my blood.
      Phase one lasted three days for me, where you get your body ready for the othr phases. It is pure protein, eggs, poultry, fish, lean beef, a quart and a half of water, nonfat dairy, including greek yogurt, and oat bran. You also have to exercise a minimum of 20 minutes a day.  I have lost 9 lbs as of today.
     I am in phase 2...the days alternate from proten only to protein and vegetables. Did I mention it is all you can eat ?  So from now on I am supposed to lose 2lbs a week.
I am now a true believer in this diet, which will slap the American pigout gene out of me. I will be eating in moderation...although it will be a challenge, as we live in a fat world, where people drink mega gulps   so big they require two hands to hold. If you need 2 hands to hold your soda...your soda is too big.
The Stirling House is not affected by my diet...however anyone on the Dukan Diet will have a great place to stay and know that their dietary restrictions will be met.
And the motivation for doing this, other than the healthy blahlahlahblah motivation?I got tired of playing a cop in the TV jobs I have been landing. A CSI tech on The Good Wife, an FBI agent on Damages...three times! A lieutenant  on Prime Suspect, and a Gotham City cop in The Dark Kight Rises.Watch me lose the weight and never work again! LOL

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