Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Shoulder was slung by the chimney with care

I have just hit the two week mark wearing this giant sling, after having rotator cuff surgery at Hospital for Special Surgery. The care could not have been better, and Dr. Allen is a pro. Actually he works on pros as well. He is the go to surgeon for the NY Knicks. I felt I was in very good hands...and I was. Jackson Hole, Wyoming no longer has the great appeal, as I tore my shoulder out there. I am taking the Holidays easy. I will not be skiing again, I fear. 

 Let's see...In other news. Vineyard 48 lost its liquor license and is closed permanently.  No one is above the law, apparently and no one is surprised about this news. My one time there was more than enough, having to hear the horror stories from the tasting room manager. The bus loads or tri-state drunks were not the clientele the wine region wants...just getting smashed on a bus, not buying anything and acting like drunken fools. 

Main Restaurant also closed its doors after a short year. A chef should know not to bite off more than you can chew. Sad, Main had the potential to be the shining star of the East End, but the other three ventures got in the way. Luckily, there are still many top places in Greenport.  On the acting side, very Excited that the advance Screeners are coming to the house. Advance film viewings...a great thing! The only one not offered...American Hustle. ALL the others are here. 

Typing with one hand is not easy. Cooking is not possible for me for at least the next full month. Thank goodness for my friend Cheryl, who owned Homeport B&B in Peconic, who has been a real lifesaver, and a great friend.  Many thanks to Renate, Diane, and Lorri, and Jocelyne who have all been terrific while I have been disabled. And Frank has been the best! 

Business has slowed as it does around this time of year. Personally, I am OK with it this time, as I am wincing in pain as I type this. Tourists everywhere need to realize that the North Fork is alive and well and open for business year round. This is the best time to insane crowds, but hundreds of great businesses available to you. And while I am talking freely, consumers need to realize that inns and B&Bs are FAR superior to hotels. Go to any review site. The hotels are rated so far below B&Bs. For so many reasons. Your innkeeper is the owner of the business, and therefore live in that town or village, and knows everyone, where to go, where not to go., where to taste, drink and buy. A hotel manager does not have that personal buy-in. Also, the level of cleanliness is so high at a B&B and inn, while a hotel with many rooms, has a staff of housekeepers. Innkeepers follow up  and make sure each room is just so, so the room is perfect. The food? You have some chefs on a level with local restaurant chefs working in the B&B kitchens.  As far as amenities  - B&Bs are not like your grandma's B& true. The B&Bs are on a boutique hotel level. wi-fi, flatscreen TVs_DVD players, fireplaces, etc... I am astounded to hear people say "this is their first B&B experience". Where have they been staying? I know that guests at the local B&Bs out here are receiving top shelf service. The word needs to get out about it. Restaurants , great and not-so-great are reviewed at the drop of a hat, but B&Bs don't seem to get the recognition they should. Spread the word.

Merry Christmas!

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