Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Greenport has another hit restaurant - Biere

Biere. Yes, please.  One of the best parts of my job is getting to check out all the new dining places on the East End so that I can really know what I am talking about food-wise to my guests. There is a need for fine dining, and there is also a geat need for casual dining. It is great to have a fantastic and reasonably priced eatery right around the corner from The Stirling House. Biere is a restaurant with a European Bistro flair. It provides fine dining in a casual atmosphere.  The specialties are the mussel pots -  Moules/Pommes Frites (mussels and fries) There were three choices, and I went for the Orient Mussels. The mussels were broiled in a fresh ginger sauce. Delicious! I need to mention that you get 2 lbs of mussels, and it is rare that I leave a restaurant on the East End "full", but I actually had to take a Doggy bag home, and had a great lunch the next day. We also tried the hot wings, which were plentiful and spicy. They also do a tapas special at the bar. I got to try a few of the items, and they were excellent. A leek & potato soup that reminded me of the exact soup my Parisian grandmother would make...Biere is the perfect informal place to relax after a day of wine tasting and strolling Greenport's beautiful historic district. This will greatly appeal to so many people. If you are a beer lover, they have a very nice selection, as well as the wine from One Woman winery. Biere has quickly become a local favorite, which is the true test of success. If the locals give it the thumbs up, then evryone else will come. They don't have a website yet, but I am sure one is in the works. The menu is small but does have something for everyone, carnivores, vegetarians and seafood lovers alike. This will be a hotspot during the Winterfest I am sure!  It is just a three minute stroll from the B&B to Biere, and I wish them much success.  While you are there, pick up an expresso and a pastry at d'Latte, which is right next door. And bring back one for me, as well ; )

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