Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stirling House Food

I never could stay out of the kitchen.
This Fall, I am resuming the Stirling House Cookbook, which is complete (in my mind). I have total respect for authors who must focus on the task. I pledge I will complete it this year.

I am trying out some new recipes to unleash on the guests next year. Baking is my passion, so I will start blogging about that for a while. I am taking pictures of my successes, and of my failures as well.  Friends, guests, and food lovers - please feel free to write me back. I will answer questions, and ask many as well. Let's bake through this together!
The above picture is a very easy recipe. It is cranberry-pecan bread. I mixed a blend of whole wheat and white bread flours, and added a tablespoon of honey to the blend. It is a hearty bread. I baked two loaves, but you could make one large loaf, and just add 15 minutes to the baking time.  This bread really goes well with a sharp cheese, like a goat cheese, or an English stilton or cheddar.  I gave one of my bread machines to my friends Rena and Jason. I am not going to hoard bread machines. Admitting the problem is the first step right? ; ) While I am not thrilled by the loaves a bread a machine makes. it is really a great kitchen addition to help make dough. The temperature allows the proper rise, and it is neater. I still get my hands dirty, but since I am down to only three bread makers after my gifting one away, I felt inspired to make dough. Dough ex machina, as they say in Latin lol, which means, roughly translated "the dough machine saves the day" There are days when you need bread, but don't have the luxury of time, so this really is great!
Question of the day...What is the craziest things you have put into a bread recipe?

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