Sunday, February 20, 2011

B and Bs are just Better ; )

Whew, this was a rough weekend with my bum arm and a full house.  I started physical therapy for my arm (I fell skiing last week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming) I'll be fine and ready to ski again in a few weeks.

 I thought the Oscars were bad. I am going to see Lady Gaga with or without her egg on Tuesday with my great friend Kelly. I was thinking of seeing the Spiderman musical, as it might be one of those shows that you wish you had after it closes...which it will.

One of the guests played the Chickering square grand piano this morning, and I really need to make a call and get it tuned again.  The B and B affiliation site is getting on more and more websites, and that is good. The Elegant B and Bs of the North Fork are truly the best places to stay out here, and that includes hotels. The most reputable lodging ratings system shows that the top rated East End hotels start off with 4.5 out of 5  ratings, while the top B and Bs on the North Fork earned 5 out of 5. Check it out. The mindset has finally shifted. A decade ago, people though B and Bs were going to be like staying in someone's home in some spare room . Now the educated guest knows that the B and B experience is superior, that the Band Bs are a tightly run little business, and that the top B amd Bs have amentieies on a par with a 5 star Manhattan hotel. The concierge service cannot be beat as the hosts are the local owners - people who really know the restaurants, the chefs, wineries, who has been fired, or moved to a new location.

Jazz on the Vine Winterfest has been great for the guests to go and spend some time listening to great music.  is offering Winterfest guests (2+ night stays) exclusives at the inn.

Here are the Long Island Winterfest Jazz on the Vine Venues for next week:

1 pm Southampton Cultural Center Inside the "Out" Side of Jazz – FREE!
Discussion with Ed Green. Moderator Steve Watson.
"Ellington, Jazz, the Opposites – and You!"

3 pm Laurel Lake Vineyards Monday Michiru

3 pm Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard Janine DiNatale

4:30 pm Sherwood House Vineyards Ahmad Ali

4:30 pm Martha Clara Vineyards Groove Gumbo


S U N D A Y 2 pm Raphael Isaac Jaffe Quintet

2 pm Bedell Cellars Matt Marshak

2 pm Brecknock Hall, Greenport Hot Club of the Hamptons

3:30 pm Osprey's Dominion Vitaly Golovnev

3:30 pm Jamesport Vineyard MEM3 (Ernesto Cervini)

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