Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Camera - A true story about people in New York

Hello, this is a great true story - about restoring faith in New York yet!!

A great true story:

The Camera

I own the Stirling House B&B in Greenport, New York about 2 hours away from NYC on the North Fork of Long Island. A stranger emailed me out of the blue saying that he took a taxi after going to the MOMA in Manhattan. He found a camera with no ID in the taxi. He got home and called the camera company to see if they could locate the owner by the serial number. They said they could not. He then checked some of the pictures and saw my Stirling House B&B sign in one of the photographs. He went online and searched the web and found my B&B (seeing the same sign on my website). He then sent me an email with some of the pictures. I recognized the woman as one of my guests from last Fall who had treated her 88 year old Mother to a vacation by the sea at my B&B. She was reading the NY Times in one of the photos. (I remembered the woman has read the Sunday New York Times cover to cover!) I enlarged the picture (400%) and flipped it it upside down trying to read the date on the newspaper but it was very blurry. I then saw an editorial in the paper and did a Google search on the title, and found the date. I then went to my guest books and found the guests names and address. I called and emailed the daughter and told her about this camera that was found in a random cab, and she emailed me back and called saying that she was amazed and was more than thrilled. She said she had lost her camera and was sad as the only pictures she had of the vacation with her Mom (who just turned 88) were in that camera and she was also amazed at the good samaritan who did a little leg work to help find the owner of the camera, and that I went the extra mile as well. The man sent me the camera, which I forwarded on to its owner, and sent the good samaritian a Gift certificate to the B&B. I think this is an amazing little story, that really restores faith in humanity. All parties left this story feeling great.

Thanks for reading.

Maybe you will be inspired to take that extra step and do a random good deed as well!

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The Stirling House B&B

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