Friday, February 11, 2011

Long Island Winterfest and Jazz on the Vine and Valentine's Day too!

We also are the only licensed B&B on the North Fork to give our guests and sell wine. We are NYS licensed,  so the wine can and does flow freely here.
Remember your Latin?
Exsisto curiosus of populus vitualamen vinum per a licentia.

It's all happening out here on the North Fork.
The Winterfest has kicked off  today with  Jazz on the Vine. Music acts will be performing all over the North Fork. Great getaways, such as the all-inclussive Vine Time, hosted by Stirling House B&B (  are being offered during the 6 week long event.

Here is the link for the Winterfest acts:

Stirling House has many specials, getaways, and offers during Winterfest. Go to our Specials Page

Thanks and have a great day!

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